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Youth group

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Dorion Youth

At Dorion Youth, we endeavor to do a few things. 1) To teach teenagers about who God is and to ensure that they form a personal relationship with God and not a relationship  through their parents. 2) We provide an environment where teenagers are able to ask hard questions, learn more about who God is and find support and relationship with leaders and peers. 3) To play the strangest games, eat the weirdest things, and listen to the loudest music. 


Every Friday night, our youth (ages 12-16) are able to come and hangout with people their age. They are able to hangout and enjoy games (video and board) and just chat. Perhaps grab a drink from our cafe. We also have our customary group game followed by a short message for the youth to learn more about God. 


We believe strongly that God has great things in store for the youth of Vaudreuil-Dorion and we are grateful to our youth leaders for coming together and planning extraordinary events and evenings. For more info, email Dane at or check out our instagram page:

Youth runs from 7pm until 9:30pm EVERY FRIDAY 

Ages: 12-16

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