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 Young Adult Group of Dorion Church

For Dorion Young Adults, we like to get serious. Serious about our meetings every Sunday evening from 6:30pm until 10pm (or later). We like to be serious about our Bible studies. We like to be serious about our hanging out time after we're done. We like to get serious about our hangout nights and pizza parties. We really like to get serious about Jungle Speed (we have our own battle dome and scoreboard to track's all very legit). We like to get serious about our young adult movie dates, after church lunches, retreats and much more. 


Come out on Sunday evenings and meet an incredible group of young students, workers and more. We meet in the cafe area of the church and enjoy coffee, discussion and questions. Every other week, we have small groups so that newcomers and introverts can be in a more intimate group setting which allows us to take our time with sharing and discussion. 


Once you've come out, one of our young adult leaders will awkwardly add you to our group chat where you can join the discussion in the main group chat, get inspirational bible quotes, and share prayer requests in our "wisdom keys" chat or just stay up to date by checking the announcements. There is ALWAYS a lot to do and a lot to look forward to with our young adults group. 


For more information, email Dane at


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