small groups

                                     Why Small Groups?

Imagine being part of a group where you get to see your friends every week, you casually drink coffee

while sitting in living rooms, reading the Bible together and feeling comfortable asking searching

questions about how we live for Jesus in our world, before having an opportunity to support each other in prayer.....

                                            Welcome to Small groups!

Old Friends
Men's Fellowship

Men's group meet every Wednesday afternoon at 2 pm. 

Every week we meet in one of the member’s homes,

usually from 2 pm to 4 pm. 

Time is spent on going over the Pastor’s sermon,

discussion, sharing, prayer.

Rolf’s group #  450-455-4944

traveling sisters 1.jpg
Traveling Sisters

Meeting every Tuesday's for a wonderful breakfast at 9:45 AM

Women who study the word, sing, share and pray together.

Please contact Lise # 514-240-0710

Anthony & Rosalina Group

We meet every other Tuesday from 7 to 830pm

Contact Rosalina for info  # 514-839-0314

Our Theme:  Love your Neighbor

Open to everyone

Will discuss sermon preached, application of sermon

 Open discussion, edification and sharing

 Shared problems will be kept in the group

Allan and Ayesah Group

Our bible study group held alternating Wednesday, in our house 2786 Rue Des Lupins, Vaudreuil-Dorion. We start at 6:30pm until 7:30pm. Topic mainly are the previous Sunday message. Most of the members of our group are mostly young and growing family like us. Kids are welcome.

Watch these video's about groups and what impact they can have on you and on others.

Support 3:02 min

Humor 2:35 min