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Elementary Classroom

In our Dorion Kids ministry, we strive to provide each and every child with a safe space to learn about God, the Bible, and applicable life lessons to help them outside of the church as well as in it.

On Sundays, our families are able to register or sign up their child for our program. Thanks to our many volunteers, our children are divided by Preschool-Kindergarten and from grade 1 to grade 5. The teacher of these classrooms along with a volunteer helper or two will have a lesson that teaches children about the Bible and how they can apply it in their lives. They may also lead the children in games, crafts, and songs.

Children come with many unique needs and strategies to work with them. When registering, or sending your child to our kid's ministry, please feel free to share tips and strategies either in your registration form on Kids Check or by sharing with one of our Children's leaders. You are also always able to speak with Pastor Dane to share your concerns or feedback about the program. 


Sign in is open as of 10:15am and our service typically finishes at noon. It is important to make sure to come down to get your child as soon as the service has ended. It is important that the parent/guardian comes down to reclaim their child and is indicated by the label that is printed out when checking your child in. This allows us to have an opportunity to share if there were any situations that we want you to be aware of during your child(s) time in children's ministry. 


If you are interested in volunteering in children's ministry, we are ALWAYS looking for new leaders. Please click on the link in order to complete the Children's Ministry Volunteer form and Dane will reach out to you directly.


It's easy.

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