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Philou Online

Also to watch!

From our friends at Evangel Church, follow these great episodes they put together of E-kidz  helping our young ones to learn Gods ways while having fun.

We will post one every week!

                               Our mission

At Dorion Kids we strive to provide each and every child with a safe space to learn about God, the Bible, and applicable life lessons to help them strive outside of the church as well as in it.

Why Dorion kids, what do we offer and teach, activities. ( ex DIG IN )a class based on the child’s age with amazing teachers and helpers. On Sunday we have a friendly face to greet you and register your child, a teacher and a helper for the classroom. The teacher will have a lesson that teaches children about the Bible and how they can apply it in their lives. They may also lead the children in games, crafts, and songs. 

On Friday nights we have a program led by Pastor Doris who takes the kids through the Bible in a more in depth study approach. Currently we are going through the Old Testament but in September when we start up expect to see some amazing changes to best suit your children. We have dedicated volunteers who come and provide games, activites, as well as a friendly face for your child to connect with.


















                    ages, where, when and how.

Children ages 3-5 come with their own special joys and challenges. We want to equip you with the knowledge you need to best teach and care for your beloved preschool class. Share these tips and tricks with the preschool teachers and volunteers in your children’s ministry.







When in doubt if you have questions look for our volunteers by their name tags that have
the logo, their name, and what class they are in. They will be able to answer your question or
direct you to Pastor Catherine.

Sign in starts at 10:15 am and the program ends with the service which is usually around approx..12:30

Friday nights are in the church foyer where you follow a similar process as Sunday for
sign in and sign out. We meet from 7:00-8:30 pm.
Our Friday night program goes from the first Friday in September to the Last Friday in June with the school year.

Elementary Classroom

                     events and calendar

Making the Bible come alive is our new curriculum for 2020, we are exploring Biblical characters through cards creating learning and interaction for the entire family.

Screenshot_2020-03-01 Making the Bible C
want to volunteer? here is how.

If you would like to volunteer please fill out this form in the link below and give it back to Pastor Catherine.

If you are interested to see if this is the right spot for you to volunteer please talk to Pastor
Catherine and she will set up a time for you to come and visit and see what we are about!

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