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dORION         Church

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Sunday Morning Service 
In Person @ 10:30 AM
Watch Online

first time visitor?

If this is your very first time to church, or if it's been a while, or even if you have a lot of big questions about faith: You are welcome here! Dorion is a place where people from all backgrounds can find encouragement, support and ways to grow. Watch a service, or better yet, stop by our church.  We’d love to meet you.

We want to connect with you

Who is Dorion Church? What are the beliefs? When is service?

You might have plenty of questions that we would be delighted to answers so please look around and connect with us. Send us a question online or follow us on social media. Don't forget to fill out a contact card when you come to visit. We look forward to meeting you!

Want to know more?

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Wednesday prayers at 6:30pm- 8pm, click below for more events.

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